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Curb Inlet Protection

Curb inlet filters are designed to be placed in front of a curb inlet or opening to prevent the migration of silt into the storm drain system. They are used to reduce turbidity of downstream waters by eliminating silt build-up in storm drain systems through the curb inlets. The overflow capabilities eliminates potential flooding.

Big Red

The Big Red filter is a REUSABLE inlet protector that prevents sediment from leaving the jobsite during construction. There are no pockets to fill, no velcro bags, and no assembly is required. Simply place Big Red in front of the inlet, making sure it lays in the contour, and you are DONE!

Big Red Curb Inlet Protector Advantages:
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile for a variety of curb inlets
  • Reusable and extremely easy to clean
  • Made from 90% inert recycled materials

Simple installation translates into simple removal, cleanup, and reuse at the next project or phase. Maintenance is as easy as lifting the filter from the inlet, shaking off the mud, removing any sediment on the concrete, and putting it back in place. If it contains an excessive amount of sediment, simply wash out the filter in a vegetated area and Big Red will be as good as new.

All of these features and benefits combine to make Big Red curb inlet protector the perfect choice for any curb inlet application. Big Red is available in 7 1/2” diameter X 10’ long sections that weigh approximately 85 pounds. Custom sizes are also available upon request.


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