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TenCate Geosynthetics MPV-Series

Mirafi® MPV Nonwoven Asphalt Overlay Fabric

Mirafi® MPV nonwoven asphalt overlay fabric forms a membrane that minimizes surface water from penetrating pavement systems and provides a stress relief interlayer which inhibits the growth of reflective cracks. Produced from polypropylene staple fibers, Mirafi® MPV is heat-set to provide a waterproofing barrier.

Mirafi® MPV nonwoven asphalt overlay fabric functions for sealing, stress relief, and adhesive bonding.

Mirafi® MPV-Series prevents penetration of surface water into sub-grade soil. Its stress-relieving interface retards reflective cracking and improves fatigue resistance of new overlay. The MPV nonwoven asphalt overlay fabric is well-suited for different grades of tack coat and is climate-friendly.


    • highways / streets
    • parking lots
    • bridges
    • tennis courts
    • running tracks
    • basketball courts
    • airport runways
    • golf cart paths
    • playgrounds


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